Burnaby Selects

BMSSC Guide for the Coach
Registration Process
  • All players need to fill out the Burnaby Metro Selects registration form and submit a cheque for the current year's fees, payable to Burnaby Metro Selects Soccer Club, as soon as your team selection is complete. This form stays with the Metro Club.
  • Your out of District players (3 max) require an out of District form to be filled out and signed by the releasing District.
  • All new players to Burnaby require a copy of their birth certificate and a 1"x1" picture. A new ID card for all U14 players and new players also needs to be filled out (neatly).
  • A BC Soccer team registration form will be given to you; this needs to be filled out accordingly. Make sure that your team is listed alphabetically (by last name)
  • Items # 2, 3, & 4 must be handed in to the Burnaby Registrar before the end of June.
  • Each team may have a maximum of 18 players, duly registered with the Club

General Rules
  • Set a good example by being respectful to the referee, the opposition coach (s) and of course to the players. Always be "positive." yelling or swearing during games or practices sets a poor example for the players and leads to poor credibility for you and Burnaby Metro Selects alike.
  • Pick a team mother and /or manager to help you. Don't be reluctant to make your assistants an integral part of your team. Assign them specific duties, they will enjoy the participation and you will be free to concentrate on the duties you have committed to undertake, and that is to "coach".
  • Don't be reluctant to phone any member of the club executive if you have concerns or require further information.
  • The club is blessed with an abundance of knowledgeable veteran coaches, all of whom are more than willing to exchange with you their ideas and knowledge about game situations, practice drills, etc. don't hesitate to call upon this resource.
  • The District's half game policy was put in place to ensure that all players have a chance to develop during the course of the season with quality playing time.
  • Always phone your opposition to verify your game and field, better safe than sorry.
  • All team officials must submit a resume to the club. Once the resume is received a team official may be asked to attend an interview before an I.D. card is issued to that team official. All team officials must complete a Risk Management form.
  • All uniforms, equipment and ID cards must be returned at the end of the teams season.
  • All games must be played. If a game is rained out or cancelled, a make up game must be scheduled. Failure to do so may result in the club being fined.

Making Travel Arrangements To Vancouver Island (Manager's Guidelines)
The attached
Island Travel document contains important information.  Please refer to it when travelling to Victoria for your game vs Lower Island.